Corporate Photography​


Ever wondered why corporate photography is always dull? We don’t do conventional corporate photography. We’re here to redefine how corporate photography works. You don’t have to look at that dull, businessy-looking photos anymore- because our pictures speak volumes!

Types of Corporate Photography

Portrait Photography

Single or group portraits: Picture Quotient can always ace the task for your corporate photography needs.

Editorial Photography

Editorial portraits can increase your brand image. And there are no better studios than Picture Quotient for editorial photography.

Architectural Photography

Taking photographs of corporate building are a good way to promote your corporate business, your brand and company image.

How to Organize a Corporate Photoshoot

Schedule the photoshoot with your photographer.

Decide the location

Discuss who you want the photoshoot to be- what message you want to communicate, how you would want your consumers to see you, etc.

Assemble your team and Voila!

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